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What are the cubes in logistics?

Release time : 19th April 2021Views : 1733

As the name suggests, the cubes in logistics refer to the volume and weight of this batch of goods. In the way of logistics quotation, it is clear that there is a weight side, which is mainly calculated by weight. Generally, it refers to the heavy goods in logistics.

According to the weight calculation method in logistics market: volume weight = length (CM) x width (CM) x height (CM) ÷ 6000, which is the general calculation standard for the volume weight of goods. Generally, the standard weight of a cubic is 169kg, in which the quotation method is generally 1 cubic volume weight if less than 169kg, the weight of the goods is recorded (the goods are delivered) according to 169kg.

If the volume is 1 cubic meter and the weight is greater than or equal to 169kg, it is generally recorded according to the actual weight (heavy goods).

In mathematics, cubic is generally the product of three numbers, generally calculated as volume, while in the logistics call, the calculation method is the same naturally. The main formula is: length cm × width cm × height cm, which is the general calculation standard for general cargo volume in logistics.